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Managing Your Payments Can Be Hard, Let US Help You Grow

We have solutions for any merchant in any Industry

In Person 

Midas has solutions from basic IP connected terminals for sale amount input and pay to full point of sale hardware to manage every aspect of your brick-and-mortar business including payments (cash, card, check, gift cards, etc.), inventory, employees, marketing features, full reporting and more. If you take payments in the field or on deliver or your business sells products and services at events or just need a solution that can move around the office rather than being at one point on the counter, we have full mobile and soft POS solutions, too

Online, Phone, Re-occuring 

Midas has solutions for ALL avenues of card not present payments. This includes traditional virtual terminals for keying in payments or setting up card on file and recurring payments as well as invoice and text with click to pay, eCommerce, IVR automated phone system payments, and more. All of our card not present payment acceptance solutions are fully compliant according to the Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards and allow for tokenizing payments as an added layer of security for both your business and your customers. We also have solutions for mobile wallet payments like Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and Samsung Pay. Contact us today for a no cost solution review designed for your specific business needs.


If your business is using a standalone payment solution and spending time manually updating customer records to show payment, Midas can provide an integrated solution to automate that update and save you time and we will review your rates to show you where we can save you money, too. If your business currently has payments integrated to a 3rd party software for accounting, customer management, ordering and job quoting, patient management software, or other business management software Midas will show you where we can save you money on the rates and fees while still maintaining that integration and automation like you have today

PCI Compliance & Payment Security 

PCI is the required, standard in payment security. Think of compliance similar to the insurance you have on your business but for your payments. It is a requirement for all merchants excepting payments in order to insure customer data is protected.

After helping your business with install and training of your payment solution, we will assist you in getting your PCI questionnaire (also known as the SAQ) completed. Part of this process does include a business security profile, payment solution profile, and IP network scan. If you fail your scan, we can also help you understand the reason why and remedy for the failure.

Ready to Make Your Team More Effective & Save Money?

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