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Ready To Grow Your Income?

Generate monthly recurring income!

Are you looking to monetize your existing network or maybe you're new to sales and looking to manage and earn income from your book of business? Midas Payments is ready to work with you and help you reach your career and financial goals as a direct sales agent or a referral partner.

No quotas!

Work as little or as much as you want. Your residual is based on your portfolio, so referral partners and direct sales agents can focus on providing industry leading solutions to clients across any business category. Midas Payments believes in quality over quantity.

Add to your current solution value!

Working with Midas Payments and offering clients value add solutions around payment acceptance will help to increase your consultative reach and grow your network and your net worth.

you are supported!

Midas Payments doesn't stop at the sale. We provide support for our direct sales agents and referral partners so you can be sure your clients are getting the best solutions and know-how in the industry. When our merchants grow, we grow!

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